Casa De Piedra was founded in 1998 as an artisan workshop located in Guadalajara, Mexico. A family business with a clear vision of appreciating the value of what nature offers us.


As soon as the business opened, we received orders from the US, this is how we began to export.

We have a wide variety of unusual materials, bringing you pieces handmade by Mexican artisans. Our purpose is to create pieces that can be passed down for generations, pieces that will last you a lifetime.


We are manufacturers and we are committed to giving you the highest quality at the best price.


We believe in the quality of making pieces by hand, in the artisan's passion that is reflected in each piece worked, and, in the power of sharing unique pieces with unique people.


In 2021, we will be opening our first store in the USA. We are very excited that more people know about our work and value the true treasures of nature. Natural stones transformed into art.